Full Service Mailing Tools in the Cloud.

IM Sort - an alternative to desktop mailing software ...
no add-ons, updates or maintenance
- powered by BCC Software technology

IM Sort is a Safe and Secure provider of CASS™, NCOALink, and USPS® PAVE (Gold) Certified Presort processing via the internet.

IM Sort provides you all of these services in a simple, secure, and easy to use online process:

  • Uploads virtually any type of name and address file
  • CASS, NCOALink®, DSF2®, duplicate elimination
  • USPS PAVE Gold Certified Presort processing
  • Prepares (1st Class, Standard, Periodicals, and Package Service Mail
  • Produces USPS® Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)
  • Returns all input fields of data
  • Produces all required USPS® Mailing paperwork!